The Cultural Shed Gushteritza

Short description of project:

Our Cultural Shed represents a project of transforming an old shed from the Gușterița/Gushteritza neighbourhood in Sibiu into a small „children’s palace”. There will be a multifunctional hall, a kitchen, a bathroom and two workshops at free disposal for this community, so very riddled with challenging social issues and much want.

The Dia.Logos Association, the Donos Association and the Orthodox Parish Sibiu – Gușterița.


The shed building is over 100 years old. It was used as a shelter for animals, and has been abandoned for the last 30 years. In 2018, the Dia.Logos Association initiated several social projects in this neighbourhood, without having any headquarters or at least a roof over their heads, where they could gather. The partnership with the Parish and Dono Association has deemed fruitful in these two years. Using its premises has not only benefitted the association, but has ultimately brought together the entire Christian community in Gușterița around this project. The place is also a hub from where volunteers are recruited for all the projects rolled out by the Association.

Finished stages:

Between 2018 and 2019, with substantial financial support coming mostly from generous sponsors from abroad, and with the involvement of the Gusterita Orthodox Parish, the carrying structure of the building was consolidated, brick walls were added where there had been just wooden planks, and the roof tiles were renewed. The building is now erected, and awaits finishing.

What we still need:



300 sqm of plaster pane,

200 sqm OSB

Landscape designer for the garden around the shed

95 sqm floor tiles, 70 sqm wall tiles, adhesive, Wool for the insulation of the attic, 200 sqm

Good quality insulation and attic configuration

Windows for the attic and the ground floor, Wall sockets and lightbulbs, nails, screws

Work provided by the community

Exterior wall paint and enamel for wood

Work provided by the community

Inner doors

Work provided by the community

Gas-operated heating unit


Work provided by the community


The Culture Shed in Gușterița is intended to become a children’s educational, cultural and social centre. It will consist of a multifunctional hall for courses of music, theatre, foreign languages, creative workshops, viewing of educational films, all on the ground floor, while the attic will host a space dedicated to workshops of painting and crafts, all to the benefit of the children from this community.

Contact information and details for donations:

Alexandru Ioniță, 0040 743 006 806 Email:
Dia.Logos Association

CIF: 35724057

Banca Transilvania

We thank you for your generous and heartfelt support!!